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Self Hosting Services

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Most of the services provided by are provided thanks to the documentaion linked with th De-google-ify Internet campaign of the Framasoft French non-profit association.

The services provided by the domain are ALL private and confidential. You shall not try to access them without being authorized by the server owner and you shall have a valid authentication token.

The data storage and servers providing the services are localized in France. By the way they are following and protected by the French law.

Belonging to a gouvernemental organisation (any country) do not authorize you to break the law and to try to enter in this server without being authorized what ever the so-called justification you are using.

Some of provided services are:

Services which may be available a day...

Additional services are running on different server names:

Web access is provided thanks to Apache http server, MariaDb and other tools. Server is running under Debian.

SSH access and other services are secured by fail2ban and other tools.

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