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Data Types and Data Structures

Variables and Objects

  • Dynamic Typing
  • variables are Object references

<note important> function subroutine executed independandly
method function bound to an instance of an object
operator function bound or not to instance, do not use parenthesis and part </note>

  • comparison opérator == , < … ⇒ Value comparison
  • is operator ⇒ identity comparison (identify of an object can be retriece by
  • None special null object (singleton)

<note tip> Python keywords
and class elif finally if lambda print while as continue else for import not raise with assert def except from in or return yield break del exec global is pass try </note>

Numbers and Strings

  • all basic types are immutable

Integers and Long Integers

  • bool : boolean with two values False and True
    • In integer context False is evaluated to 0 , True is evaluted to 1
  • int : classical machine related integer
    • operation with int exceeding the int range is converted into long' * long : integer which size is the machine memory * use suffix L to signify a long value * numbers are by default written in base 10 * Python assume that any value with prefix 0x is written in hexadecimal, octol for value starting with 0 * classical operators + - / % += -= /= %= , '**' for power , '' for truncated division * ' is

Float and Decimal

  • float: double-precision floating-point numbers whose range depends on the C (or Java) compiler computed in base 2
  • Decimal
  • complex

String TYpes

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